Tape 1, side A --- "SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING "

Welcome to the home of the good, the bad and the gritty.

Here's the first one. Before taking a seat, please take notice of the photo bellow.

On the right hand side you can find the tape
that I'm just about to record and on the left
a little helper that I'm going to take with
me along the way.




Meltz - Africa (Restless Soul Remix)

Blaze - Gloria Muse

Harmonious Thump - The Supreme Law (After Hours Dub)

Locic - The Warning (acoustic)

Blaze - Black Byrd Flying Free

Brian Harden - Nomadic Jazz (Brian's South Of Chicago Remix)

Rick Wade - Kendra

Deluxe Pusher - Next Liftime (Dub)

Steal Vibe - A New Beginning

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