Tape 3, Side B --- "SECRET DOCTRINE"

I've been really digging the early Italian house sound for a while now
and I slowly bought some records to show for it.

Beginning with this one, I thought I should start recording both sides of the tapes
and leave the B-sides of the first 2 tapes for some special occasions, guest mixes, or maybe for the end of the series.

Without further ado, here's Tape number 3, Side B: "Secret Doctrine".
Named after the first record on it,
The Underground Sound of Rome - Secret Doctrine.

Track list and and download link coming soon!


Tape 3, Side A --- "SUB-URBAN JOURNEY"

Third one is here.
This is the best quality tape I have (very good looking too) and I've been saving it
for the first set of tracks that really blow me away. 
Well here it is. I'm in love with almost all of the tracks on it.

Please excuse some messiness here and there due to me 
fiddling with the tapedeck during recording the tape to the PC.
Nothing serious.




Peven Everett - Power Soul Intro

Urban Soul - Alright (dub mix)

Soon to be released EP by Joe Drive on Skylax Records
(it’s a test press so I don’t know the EP or the tracks name)

Playin’ 4 the City - Souffle

Columba Carina - Midnight Ride

Playin’ 4 the city - We Need

Brian Harden - Missing You (Brian’s BHO remix)

 another unreleased EP by Kuba Sojka
( i dunno what’s it’s name, where and when will it be released)

Unknown Artist - One Step ( Franky & Lenny’s After Hours Mix)

Tape 2, side A --- "LOW AND BEHOLD"

Here's the second installment in the series. I really had fun with this one.
The tunes are beneath it somewhere. I'll pull em out and read their names on request.


Tape 1, side A --- "SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING "

Welcome to the home of the good, the bad and the gritty.

Here's the first one. Before taking a seat, please take notice of the photo bellow.

On the right hand side you can find the tape
that I'm just about to record and on the left
a little helper that I'm going to take with
me along the way.




Meltz - Africa (Restless Soul Remix)

Blaze - Gloria Muse

Harmonious Thump - The Supreme Law (After Hours Dub)

Locic - The Warning (acoustic)

Blaze - Black Byrd Flying Free

Brian Harden - Nomadic Jazz (Brian's South Of Chicago Remix)

Rick Wade - Kendra

Deluxe Pusher - Next Liftime (Dub)

Steal Vibe - A New Beginning